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Technology Agreement

(from the Enlace Academy Family Handbook)

The curriculum goals of Enlace Academy call for technology integration into our instructional practice. To this end, students’ access to and use of electronic resources, including the internet, is age and grade-appropriate and increases gradually from year to year. To ensure responsible use, please discuss this agreement with your child and emphasize its importance. Noncompliance can result in revocation of computer-use privileges, replacement fees, and/or other disciplinary measures. 

The following expectations apply to Enlace Academy students, who are provided technology resources which may include username and password, network, internet, computing device, or software. These expectations apply when a student is using Enlace Academy provided technology resources, no matter where they are being used.

  1. Student technology resources are for instructional use and activities only.

  2. Passwords must be guarded and protected.  Do not share your password with anyone or let others use it.

  3. Do not reveal your address or phone number or the address or phone numbers of others.  Be cautious in responding to unsolicited online contact.

  4. School-provided HotSpots should only be connected to school-provided ChromeBooks and used for instructional purposes. 

  5. Enlace Academy HotSpots contain 100GB of data, which is sufficient for instructional purposes and will not be replaced if overused.  

  6. Enlace Academy internet resources and accounts will not be used to:

  • access another person’s materials, information, or files. 
  • access, upload, download, or transmit pornographic, obscene, abusive, or sexually explicit material. 
  • violate any local, state, or federal law.
  • vandalize, damage, or disable the property of another person or organization. 
  • subscribe to or solicit information which incurs a cost. 
  • harass, bully or intimidate another individual.
  1.  Do not attempt to bypass Internet filtering. 

  2.  Users will care for the Enlace Academy-owned device as if it were their own using the following standards of care.

General Care

  1. Do not leave your computing devices unsupervised or in unsecured locations at school or at home.  Avoid using the device in areas where damage or theft is likely.

  2. Do not use your computing device while it is on a bed or carpet or pillow, as this causes overheating.  Keep your device on a flat, solid surface when in use.

  3. Do not set books or stack items on top of the device. 

  4. Do not write, draw, paint, or place stickers or labels on the device.

  5. Do not place a magnet near the device.

  6. Do not place food or drink near the device. Liquids, food and other debris can damage it

  7. The device should not be left inside a vehicle where temperatures can cause permanent damage.

  8. Do not expose the device to direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, or extreme temperatures for an extended time.

  9. Do not attempt repair or reconfiguration of a device.  

  10. Do not open, tamper with or remove internal or external components (ie: keys).

  11. Immediately report any loss of a device to your school.

Cleaning the Device

  1. Wipe surfaces with a clean, dry, soft cloth.  Do NOT use liquids to clean the device

  2. Be sure your hands are clean when using the mobile device to avoid buildup on the touchpad and keyboard.  Grease and dirt buildup can cause problems with the device.

  3. Do not use the device in dusty, dirty, or sandy environments.

Screen Care

  1. Do not pick up a device by the screen.

  2. Avoid touching the screen with fingers, pens, pencils, or any sharp instrument.

  3. Do not lean on the top of the device or place excessive pressure or weight on the device screen.

  4. Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth.  Do NOT clean the screen with glass cleaner.

Carrying the Device

  1. Always close the lid and unplug cords and accessories before moving or carrying.

  2. Do not leave the device in visible sight in a vehicle or in a vehicle for extended periods of time or overnight.

Replacement & Repair Policy 

It is your responsibility to keep your ChromeBook safe and secure. In the event that an Enlace Academy ChromeBook is damaged, broken, or lost, please immediately inform the Main Office. 

Accidental Damage: 

1st Incident: 

  • Conversation with teacher 

  • Technology agreement reminder sent home with parent signature required acknowledging a $50 repair fee will be charged for a 2nd incident and a $250 replacement fee for a 3rd incident. 

  • Device is replaced (if available) 

2nd Incident: 

  • $50 repair fee. Device is repaired/replaced (if available)  

3rd Incident (or lost device): 

  • $250 repair/replacement fee required for a new device (if available) 

Purposeful Damage: 

1st Incident: 

  • Conversation with teacher & a $50 repair fee

  • Technology agreement reminder sent home with parent signature required acknowledging a $250 repair fee will be charged for a 2nd incident 

  • Device is replaced (if available) 

2nd Incident (or lost device): 

  • $250 repair/replacement fee required for a new device (if available) 

Personal Device Policy

With recent advances in educational technology, personal devices (e.g., cell phones, tablets, laptop computers) are sometimes welcomed in settings to enhance instruction. However, at Enlace Academy, we have selected high-quality curricula and provided technology (e.g., iPads, netbooks) to enhance classroom practices.

We also understand families provide students’ personal devices for communication associated with school drop off and pick up. The following guidelines are used for students who bring personal devices to school:

  1. Students secure all personal devices they bring to school in their assigned locker each morning during arrival procedures. All devices should be powered off when placed in lockers to limit disruptions

  2. Students retrieve their personal devices from their secured lockers during dismissal procedures

  3. Students refrain from using devices from 7:30 am - 3:07 pm unless they receive permission for the purpose of communicating with their family regarding pick-up or dropoff changes

  4. Students are not permitted to visit lockers to gain access to their personal devices, or for any other reason, between 8:00 am - 2:57 pm

The following process will be followed when students fail to secure personal devices in their lockers:

  1. Teacher/Staff member confiscates personal device

  2. Teacher delivers person/al device to front office

  3. Office Manager notifies family that personal device was collected due to policy noncompliance

  4. Office Manager secures personal device until designated family member (e.g., parent or guardian) is able to collect it

  5. Designated family member (e.g., parent or guardian) must collect the personal device in person. NOTE: Non-guardian siblings are unable to collect personal devices. 

We recognize the inconvenience this policy may create for families, particularly if a family member cannot collect a confiscated device the same day. This is why we clearly communicate the policy to families and students, and we encourage families to encourage students to adhere to this policy. 

We will make every reasonable effort to provide security for personal devices; however, under no circumstances may Enlace Academy or members of its staff be held liable for lost or stolen personal devices.