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Dress Code

Dress Code

The following dress code guidelines apply to all Enlace Academy students at all times. Please review and acknowledge as our dress code will be heavily monitored and enforced. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please visit our approved apparel at our school uniform store.

Visit the School Store Here


  • Shirts: Navy blue, green, or white polo shirts

    • Grades 5-8 only: Light blue shirt

  • Bottoms: Khaki, navy or black knee-length skirts (with shorts underneath), pants, shorts or skort

  • Belt: Black belt (optional)

  • Shoes: Closed-toe shoes (preferably gym shoes)

  • Cardigan: Solid colored navy, green, or white cardigan sweater

  • Sweatshirt (with the hood): Enlace/NCN ONLY

  • Crew Sweater (without a hood) Enlace/NCN or solid school colored (navy, green, light blue, or white)

School Swag

Students are permitted to wear Enlace tops with uniform bottoms Monday-Thursday and with jeans on Friday. 

This includes and is not limited to: polos, t-shirts, long sleeves, crew sweaters, cardigan over polo, etc. sold by our uniform store. (effective ‘22-’23)

Additional Notes

Students are expected to meet dress code expectations every day.  Students who are not compliant with our dress code expectations, risk losing choice time or other consequences for continuous violations. 

  1. Students may wear a navy blue, green, or white solid-colored long-sleeve shirt under their uniform polo during the cold months.

  2. All pants must fit around the waist. Belts are optional, but should be of appropriate size and nature, i.e., no large-faced images or symbols, which may pose as a distraction.

  3. Pants may not be excessively baggy and may not cover the shoes.

  4. Students may NOT wear jogging pants, sweatpants or jeans (Jeans can be worn on Fridays).

    • On Friday’s:  Students are allowed to wear blue or black jean pants or shorts with their Enlace polo or Enlace t-shirt. Jeans may not be ripped, by accident or design, or contain any holes. 

  5. Students may not wear sleeveless or cut-off shirts, blouses, or dresses/rompers.

    • Students can wear dress/rompers that are sleeveless IF they have a Enlace polo underneath.

  6. Students may not wear inappropriately tight fitting clothing. Students are not permitted to wear leggings as bottoms.

  7. Students may not wear skirts that are inappropriately short (must be knee-length) or that have inappropriately long slits (must be above knees).

  8. Students may not wear hoods, hats, caps, do-rags, or other head coverings in the school (except in the case of religious observance).