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Beyond the Classroom

Enlace Academy believes that extracurricular activities are integral to a well-rounded education and reinforce genuine relationships outside of the classroom setting.

Enlace Academy offers a variety of special classes during the school days, sports and clubs, and academic enrichment opportunities after school and during the summer.

Families can enroll in clubs, sports, and extended day tutoring by following the link below:

After school Enrollment Link


Offered as part of the educational day to all students:

  • Music 
  • Art
  • Physical Education 
  • SEL 
  • Media


Students can choose to participate in athletics after school:

  • Basketball 
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool clubs change annually based on staff and student interest. Examples of past clubs include:

  • Anime
  • Music Clubs
  • Scouts
  • Girl Scouts

Academic Enrichment

Opportunities for academic enrichment include:

  • Afterschool tutoring 
  • Summer Academy

Athletics Highlights

Enlace Academy Wins IPS Co-Ed Soccer Championship

Congratulations to our undefeated IPS Co-Ed Soccer Champions! We are beyond proud of these kids for their accomplishments as they've made history as the first Enlace soccer team to achieve this goal!