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Our Approach

We seek to expand educational equity to the communities we serve by raising the achievement of all students while narrowing the gaps between the highest- and lowest-achieving students; and eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories.

Our Approach is Rooted in High Engagement

Behavioral Engagement

Enlace Academy fosters an environment of belonging and trust by:

  1. Creating welcoming and inclusive spaces
  2. Teaching With Love and Logic
  3. Fostering genuine relationships 
  4. Providing strong character education
  5. Focusing on restorative practices and social and emotional learning 

Cognitive Engagement

Enlace Academy drives academic success by: 

  1. Using top-rated curricula
  2. Providing strong Tier I instruction, where all students work on grade level materials
  3. Leveraging a daily success block for intervention and enrichment
  4. Using student data to drive decisions
  5. Reaching the whole child with art, PE, and music

Family Engagement

Enlace Academy builds strong family partnership by: 

  1. Leveraging multiple communication platforms in families' native languages
  2. Hosting monthly family events
  3. Providing a home literacy program
  4. Emphasizing Parent/Teacher Conferences
  5. Partnering with City Connects

Teaching with Love and Logic

Enlace Academy implements a system of logical consequences delivered with empathy as described in the book Teaching with Love and Logic

In keeping with our academic approach that creates an environment of personalized instruction, we believe that behavior management should be individualized as well. In our ‘natural consequences’ approach, students learn how their choices affect themselves and others and are taught that mistakes are an opportunity for personal growth.


Character Education

The necessity of forming habits is an integral part of [our] philosophy as they aid one in functioning in relationships. These are not tacked onto one’s life as another feat to be mastered in a performance culture, but are used as valuable tools in intellectual...and physical development.
-Maryellen St. Cyr, When Children Love to Learn

Habits listed are in the order that they are added at the grade levels. All habits are promoted throughout the school at all grade levels, but certain habits are a focus at each grade level.  The habits are cumulative, and middle school students are responsible for all of habits on the list. The habits are consistent with the work of Dr. Seligman and Dr. Peterson’s work at the University of Pennsylvania.