Enlace Academy is excited for the opportunity to have so many volunteer opportunities at our school.  While family service hours are required during the school year (10 hours per school year), we know that so many of our families have and will continue to donate much more than this requirement.  

Because of the dedication and support of our families, our school is able to provide our students with fun and enriching experiences that build and strengthen our community.

Here are some of the many ways that parents can support the school:


In the Classroom

  • Volunteer in your child’s class to be a “Room Parent”
  • Attend your child’s field trip as a parent chaperone
  • Volunteer to read to students in the classroom (in English or Spanish)
  • Attend parent-teacher conferences
  • Help teachers to prepare lesson materials (at home)

In the School

  • Volunteer at the annual Book Fair
  • Attend a monthly PTO meetings and events
  • Coach a sports team or after-school club
  • Volunteer to help or contribute to a monthly family event
  • Provide hospitality for school events (supply food items, setup, cleanup)
  • Volunteer in the school media center
  • Attend back to school night
  • Volunteer at our end-of-year field day event
  • Support our front office (Contact School Main Office)
  • Provide English-Spanish translation during conferences and/or parent meetings (Contact School Main Office)

* At this time, attending a sporting event does NOT qualify as service hours.  As such, all hours submitted must be made by serving time or talent to the school.



Each family with a student enrolled at Enlace Academy is required to volunteer ten (10) service hours annually.  The service hours are required per family, so if more than one student is enrolled at Enlace Academy no additional time is required.  The service hours must be completed or scheduled for an end-of-the-year event no later than the May due date of May 31 of that school year.



Service hours performed will be reported by sign-in, either at the school main office or at the designated sign-in table during school events.  Parents are responsible for signing in to record any service hours performed in order for their time to count.