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I love working at Enlace because it has literally changed my life. My co-workers are my family, my brothers and sisters.
— Darnell Benson, 6th Grade Teacher
What brought me to Enlace, and what keeps me coming back are the challenges and rewards of meeting students where they are and taking them further than I ever thought possible!
— Jeannie TeKolste, Special Needs Coordinator
Enlace is my second home. I say that because as a mother and a teacher, there is no other school I could imagine working at or sending my son to. My coworkers are amazing, caring, dedicated teachers who spend countless time working to help out our most needy students, and yet, are also there to lift each other up when they need it. The mission of our school aligns directly to my personal beliefs, and while the work we do is at times is hard, it is only hard because it is worth it. The support and relationships with families also make it worth it. I love the staff, the students, and the families of this school, and because of this I love Enlace.
— Crystal Meiller, 5th Grade Teacher

Are you ready to lead and join our team?

Current Positions Open for the 2017-18 School Year:

  • Middle School Teacher

Potential Positions Open for the 2018-19 School Year:

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Intervention Support Teacher
  • Specials Teacher - Art, Music, Martial Arts
  • Middle School Teacher-All subjects
Enlace has made me feel like part of a community that not only supports each other but also pushes each other to grow. All the challenges that we face make us better teachers with bigger hearts!
— Liz Amadio, Kindergarten Teacher
It is truly an amazing feeling when you come to work every day feeling respected, appreciated, supported, and loved. We pride ourselves on being a family here, not just with the teachers, but the students are part of our family as well. We work with such great families, and it is wonderful to know what a positive impact we are making on the students, as well as embracing and celebrating the impact they are making on us as well. It is a wonderful partnership that I am so proud to be a part of.
— Somer Brown, 1st Grade Teacher
Working at Enlace has both challenged and rewarded me more than any other job I have previously worked. As a teacher, there are opportunities to grow professionally, and the students are eager to learn and grow themselves.
— Michael Rainwater, Special Needs Teacher
I love working at Enlace because it gives me an opportunity to work with such a diverse school. I love that parents participate in our school events by showing up; they are definitely our support system.
— Mari Perez, EL Aide
Working at Enlace has helped me to regain hope and motivation to succeed as a teacher. The staff works together as a community. We support and truly care for one another. This has been a true blessing as a new staff member!
— Amy Crosby, Special Needs Teacher