personalized education

Enlace Academy is rooted in the belief that, at our school, all children can and will learn. Therefore, our core values of Lead with Love, Embrace Uniqueness, Foster Character, and Ignite Imagination focus on building relationships and personalizing the education for all our students.

In a typical Enlace Academy classroom, teachers use a co-teaching model. In grades K-3, each classroom has two teachers whom co-teach throughout the day. In grades 4-8, our classrooms are departmentalized. Teachers co-teach with our support staff team members during specific times of the day to meet the diverse needs of our students. In a co-teaching model, teachers share the responsibility of planning and the delivery of content which allows for them to reach the education needs of all students and their diverse learning styles. During their class time, students will participate in a variety of learning structures: adaptive technology, small group, and independent or collaborative structure. Through this work, students have the chance to work with a teacher on targeted skills, on technology that adapts to their learning, and with other students to build teamwork skills.